FrontPac AB acquires Gefle Kartong and Display AB

FrontPac AB acquires Gefle Kartong and Display AB and its subsidiary Gefle Kartong och Produktion i Karlstad AB.

FrontPac is the market leader in offset printed packaging with operations in Arlöv outside Malmö. FrontPac has over 100 employees and delivers packaging to more than 15 countries.

In order to strengthen our market position, we acquire all shares in GKD and GKP. The acquisition will take place on December 1st. FrontPac sees a potential in this business by being able to utilize its size and thus be able to offer customers an expanded service and product portfolio. The wholesale business in Gävle will be further developed. With increased volumes, you see the possibility of streamlining purchases and this should provide added value for customers.

Leif Folcke and Linda Folcke have operated Gefle Kartong and Display for many years. In recent years, they have also operated Gefle Kartong and Production in Karlstad AB (formerly Sott Packing) together with Bengt Levander. They are now choosing to sell their business to meet the customers’ packaging needs.

The experience gained in these companies is secured by Linda Folcke continuing her employment with GKD and working with customer relations. Bengt and Leif continue to operate to secure operations. Customers and suppliers will continue to do business with Gefle Kartong, both companies being continued.

For questions please contact:

Martin Enocson, President FrontPac AB. 040-691 40 01

Linda Folcke, 070-631 13 88


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FrontPac is Scandinavia’s leading manufacturer of packaging in offset printed corrugated cardboard. We are a complete packaging manufacturer, from paper on roll through our own conversion to finished packaging. We are located in Arlöv just outside Malmö and we currently have around 150 employees with a turnover of around SEK 300 million.


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