Grass fiber packaging for a sustainable future

FrontPac is now introducing the new sustainable grass fiber packaging. The material is made from at least 40% grass straw in an extremely energy-saving process where less than two liters of water per tonne is consumed (compared to several thousand liters of water per tonne for wood pulp) – in addition, they are completely free of chemicals.

Do you have a product with a clear environmental focus? Does your company want to signal that you care about the environment? Whatever the reason, grass seed packs are a great choice to show that you – along with us at FrontPac – are taking responsibility for a more sustainable future.

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Danish company DSV Seeds:

“We were looking for an environmentally friendly material”

One of FrontPac’s first customers to use the new grass fiber material is the Danish company DSV Frø, which produces and sells a large variety of seeds to the Danish market. Read about their thoughts behind the decision to choose the new packaging material below.

What kind of packaging were you looking for? We were looking for an environmentally friendly material because we work with nature. Nature is our primary source for manufacturing our products! Our main product is grass so the match with grass fiber is perfect.

What were your thoughts about the packaging? This is a series of green and organic products that must stand up to the fierce competition and remain in the minds of customers. That is why we have designed a packaging that signals ecologically and which can stand in contrast to the more conservative packaging available on the market today. Our products should appeal to those who dare to think a little differently.

What was it like to produce the new packaging? There is so much to think about – more than just a flat PDF filled with images and text. But in the end, it is worth the hard work as there is a satisfaction in holding the final physical product in your hand.

Thanks to Charlotte Dalsgaard, Marketing Coordinator at DSV Frø, for text and material. If you want to know more about DSV Frø, please visit their website

Förpackning gräsfiber FrontPac


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