You can now access Frontpac’s sustainability report for 2019

Marijeta Ristic, QEHS Manager at FrontPac, has compiled the sustainability development at FrontPac in a report. You can read the sustainability report for 2019 here. 

– The report describes how we work with, among other things, the environment but also social issues such as employees and diversity. We invest time and resources in finding the most sustainable alternatives for our customers. To achieve our climate goals, deciding how we design and manufacture products is crucial, says Marijeta Ristic.

At FrontPac, we believe that we have a big responsibility in contributing to a sustainable future. There are several things that should be sustainable. We must take care of our staff and ensure our quality in order to have a sustainable development. We will work with our products and processes so that we minimize their impact, both for us and for our customers. We also have a responsibility to make the future sustainable for our suppliers, and the people who work there. And last but not least – the environment we all live in must be sustainable.


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FrontPac is Scandinavia’s leading manufacturer of packaging in offset printed corrugated cardboard. We are a complete packaging manufacturer, from paper on roll through our own conversion to finished packaging. We are located in Arlöv just outside Malmö and we currently have around 150 employees with a turnover of around SEK 300 million.


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