New packaging regulation 2021 – how will it affect you?

From January 2021, there will be a new packaging regulation in Sweden. This places demands on the “Producer” of packaging to join an approved collection system or create their own approved collection system.

It is a requirement to register your company with the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency “Naturvårdsverket” and describe how it intends to meet the requirements for collection of packaging material. The “producer” of the packaging is considered to be the one who fills the product in the package or the one who imports an already packed product to Sweden. It is therefore the “Producer” who must report the amount of packaging sold in Sweden to the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency every year no later than March, in case of delayed reporting, a fee of SEK 10,000 is charged.

The regulation also states an explicit requirement that the amount of packaging waste should be reduced by limit the volume and weight and use packaging where necessary. One should limit the harm to the environment of materials and substances in packaging. This means removing unnecessary packages, designing them for recycling, labeling them clearly; PAP-20 for corrugated cardboard, PAP-21 for other cardboard, PAP-22 for paper, PAP-81 if it contains plastic.

For more information we refer to Naturvårdsverket.


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