Pattern-protected pizza-sleeve offers a sustainable alternative to plastic bags

With the new tax on plastic bags in Sweden, there is an economic argument, in addition to environmental considerations, to replace plastic bags with a more environmentally friendly alternative.

pizza-svep FrontPac

During a lunch at a local pizzeria, an idea is born of an alternative way to carry pizza boxes without having to use plastic. Martin Enocson, CEO of FrontPac takes the idea to Linnea Bondesson, packaging designer at FrontPac, who creates a pattern-protected pizza-sleeve.

“With the pizza-sleeve, the customer can carry pizza boxes and all accessories in one hand in an environmentally sustainable way. The pizza-sleeve is easy to use for both restaurant and customer and can be recycled in existing return systems, ”explains Linnea Bondesson.

The sleeve is manufactured in Sweden using local materials from the Nordic countries. Natural material keep the pizza warm, without making it soft which can happen if the pizza box is transported in a plastic bag. 

The pizza-sleeve also offers the restaurant an extra exposure area that can be used for marketing.

“It is possible to get any print on the sleeve, the whole surface can be used. The restaurant can communicate, for example, logo, contact details or why not the menu for the next order? ” says Martin Enocson.

Pizza-svep FrontPac

Sounds interesting? 
Here you can download a flyer in Swedish about the sleeve: 
Pizza-sleeve flyer

For more information please contact:
Sandra Lecke
+46 40 691 40 22


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