FrontPac and Oppboga launches visors with high quality and security

As a result of covid-19, the need for protective equipment has increased. In England, a new type of visor with a significantly smaller amount of plastic has been used by the NHS, healthcare centers and the manufacturing industry. FrontPac is now launching this type of climate-smart protective visor in Sweden together with Oppboga.

A protective visor consisting of a smaller amount of plastic is not only better for the environment but can also increase the availability as more visors can be produced based on a limited supply of plastic.

Andrew Robinson, CEO Oppboga Bruk

An advantage of minimizing the amount of plastic in the protective shields is that the large demand for transparent plastic in combination with a limited supply means that the manufacturing cost is high. Instead, a larger amount of FSC-certified cardboard is used, which gives the user a product with high quality and safety while being climate-smart. The FSC-certification means that the material originates from a responsible forestry that takes into account both the environment and people. Oppboga is constantly working to find new ways to replace plastic with cardboard to contribute to a better environment.

The manufacturing takes place at FrontPac

The protective shield is manufactured in-house at FrontPac in Arlöv. The proximity to customers in combination with a large capacity means that FrontPac can produce a larger volume and deliver this quickly even in high demand. This in combination with the cost-effective material choices gives the user an affordable product. The visor is a disposable item that is discarded immediately after use. This increases safety as reusable visors must be handled correctly so as not to pose a danger to the user.

FrontPac's visor is approved by the Swedish Work Environment Authority and is unique in its kind from three perspectives; environment, application and pricing. In addition to the plastic window, the visor is based on FSC-certified cellulose. Application is simple as they are pre-assembled upon delivery. The visor is produced mechanically and cost-effectively, which means that we can present a visor at the lowest price on the market.

Jesper Ladelfa, Sales Manager FrontPac AB.
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