Holy Smoke! The restaurant that is going on a Sweden tour

Several years ago, an idea was formed for a take-away concept with meat, but it was not until this spring that the idea developed and became a reality. Johan Fritzell talks about the not so obvious path from hobby to restaurant and most recently high-quality meat deliveries around Sweden.

A hobby that became a success

Holy Smoke bbq is located in Nyhamnsläge, a short distance from Höganäs in northwestern Skåne. In addition to smoked meat of the highest quality, the restaurant offers a unique atmosphere that is reminiscent of Texas, USA. From the beginning, the idea wasn’t to open a restaurant, says Johan Fritzell, whose hobby and passion for smoked meat has expanded over the years to the success it is today.

“Holy Smoke bbq started ten years ago as a hobby that derailed. My passion for really good meat was noticed by restaurants that wanted me to start smoking meat for their businesses ” says Johan.

In 2014, Holy Smoke bbq also started selling sandwiches, but there was a desire among the guests to buy alcohol for the meal. Johan chose to develop the business according to the visitors’ wishes and the restaurant was a fact even though it was never the plan from the beginning. In 2015, they had their grand inauguration, which was a success with 1,500 visitors.

“Before the inauguration, we were only open on Saturdays but due to the great interest we chose to expand the business. We are open from midsummer to September and during the high season there can be 900 visitors per day, which is very fun” says Johan.

The corona pandemic is shaking the restaurant industry

This spring during the corona pandemic, the future became more uncertain for the country’s restaurants and the big question was whether Holy Smoke bbq would be as well attended this summer as previous summers. The idea of ​​meat as take-away was revived in Johan; Maybe it would be a good idea to do it now when the world is facing a change?

“The idea of ​​being able to buy a box of our smoked meat with accessories aroused great interest all over the country and we realized that we need to be able to move, like an ice cream truck that distributes meat” he says.

At Blocket, Johan finds a refrigerated truck, perfect for the purpose. They plan a route of 200 km with 24 stops where those who order from the restaurant can pick up their goods.

Before the plan could be rolled out, a box was needed to pack the customers’ goods in. Johan gets in touch with FrontPac, which turns the wishes into a finished package. The result is a matte, black packaging with the restaurant’s eye-catching white logo on the lid and sides in a shiny UV varnish. The package has handles to facilitate transport and is precisely sized to get the most out of the space in the refrigerated truck. The packaging is also recyclable and sustainably produced.

“We are pleased to be able to offer a luxurious packaging to deliver the goods in. In addition to the fact that it is important that the packaging is tailored to the car, it is even more important that it is of high quality and represents our brand in a desirable way. The customer make an effort to pick up our goods and the packaging must be more than a box, it must give the customer added value, which we think it succeeds with” says a satisfied Johan.

Images: Holy Smoke

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