5 quick questions with CEO Martin Enocson

Martin Enocson has been CEO at FrontPac for 17 years. Here he answers 5 quick questions giving us an exclusive insight into his work.

1. What is the best thing about your job?
The best thing about my job is when we create success together, have fun and the customers appreciate what we do.

2. Is there something you are extra proud / happy about?
I am always extra proud when someone talks positively about the company; that they enjoy working here or the customer thinks we are good suppliers to them. Because it is the whole company together that creates those experiences, at the same time as a negative word or event is enough to do the opposite.

3. What has been the biggest challenge during these years?
I have been in both ups and downs. And dismissing staff is never fun or easy. But as CEO, you are responsible for the entire company and then you sometimes have to make decisions that affect individuals.

4. What inspires you in your work?
My colleagues inspire me. I like to have people around me who get things done, take responsibility and think outside the box. To always question whether we can do things better than yesterday or better than the competition. To constantly see opportunities instead of obstacles, because there are always obstacles and you can easily get stuck there instead of moving on.

5. What are you most looking forward to in 2021?
I look forward to being a part of creating the new normal after covid-19. Many choose to either just sit and wait for what the future will bring or hope everything will be as usual again. But I’m pretty sure it’s possible to create the future – the new normal. Whether it’s about traveling to work again or meeting friends. FrontPac will take part in that creation by constantly seeing the changes that are on the market, creating new products that can be used or new
area of ​​use for our products.


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FrontPac is Scandinavia’s leading manufacturer of packaging in offset printed corrugated cardboard. We are a complete packaging manufacturer, from paper on roll through our own conversion to finished packaging. We are located in Arlöv just outside Malmö and we currently have around 150 employees with a turnover of around SEK 300 million.


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