Our packaging department is placed in Arlöv, just outside Malmö. We have for many years gained experience in doing the jobs that our clients don’t have time for or think is complicated. Our staff are trained to do a variety of jobs. We pack, we sew, we glue, we cut and we always do it with a smile. We know that it is important to keep deadlines, as many of our jobs is part of an advertising campaign or other activities.

Quality is key. We want you to feel that you can trust that we always do all jobs with high quality for your customers. Let’s keep your items in stock so we can take care of the distribution for you.

E-commerce is increasing and therefore the pressure on your warehouse staff is increasing. We’ll solve that too. We have 5000 square meters for our customers that can be used for your e-commerce goods.


  • Labeling, folding and enveloping
  • All kinds of manual picking
  • Bonding works, cartons, capsules
  • Folder and binders
  • Staple stitching odd size, smaller editions
  • Marline
  • Hole Drilling Trio, simple
  • Wire-o binding, even with thumb grip, cutting
  • Packaging and filling
  • Heat sealing of bags shrink wrapping
  • Installation works
  • Storage, distribution
  • Manage campaign


Managing Director

Martin Enocson
+46 40-691 40 01

Packaging Coordinator

Leny Bergquist
+46 40 617 15 26


Antpac Production AB
Lommavägen 39
SE 232 35 ARLÖV


Phone: +46 40 – 617 15 10 

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