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The increasing e-commerce sales places new demands on how you package your products. In addition to your packaging conveying your brand, it must also ensure quality and appearance upon final delivery to the store or customer. We know how to design packaging adapted for e-commerce. 

An overall challenge that several of our customers face is increased online sales. This means that the packaging must – in addition to building your brand – be practical, easy to open and not least easy to return. This places new demands on the packaging design. We at FrontPac have several customers in e-commerce and thus a full understanding of but also solutions for your specific challenges. We stand for quality and sustainability, but also make sure that the product is still beautiful and whole when it ends up on the store shelf or in the hands of your customer.

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We help you develop an e-commerce package that conveys your brand in the desired way.

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Adapt your e-commerce packaging to the characteristics of your product – for example size and weight.

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Together we produce a package that is easy to open and of course easy to return.

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Choose from various options for your e-commerce packaging, such as a user-friendly tear chain.

There are various options for your e-commerce packaging, both decorative and functional. The decorative ones, such as foil, various varnishes and embossing enhance the recipient’s experience of your product. These details help you convey the characteristics of your product to the recipient and create a common thread between product and packaging. Functional options for your e-commerce packaging are, for example, a tear chain. This makes it easy for the recipient to open a glued package. You can read more about our different options under effects.

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