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Drinks- and food packaging

If your product’s packaging is attractive, it sells more. It is therefore important that your packaging for food or drink stands out among all other packaging on the shelf. Your packaging must partly inform about your product but also convey your message to the customer. In addition, the packaging of your product should help protect the product so that it arrives in perfect condition.

Food and beverages are fresh products that place high demands on your choice of packaging and not least the logistics. The packaging must be able to protect your product during transport, be able to carry the weight of the product and should be easy to move and open. Beverage places high demands on the strength of your packaging as this type of product can weigh a lot. In addition to taking into account factors such as material selection and logistics solutions, we produce your food packaging in accordance with the EU’s requirements for GMP – Good Manufacturing Practice.

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Tillsammans tar vi fram en förpackning som informerar om din produkt och skyddar den.

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Packaging for beverages and food places demands on logistics, we help you solve this in the best way.

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We know which material works best for your packaging, so it can handle the weight of the product. 

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Din förpackning produceras självklart utifrån EUs krav om GMP – Good Manufacturing Practice. 

We have several customers in the category beverages and food, which gives us a broad knowledge of the challenges that exist with this type of packaging. The material in the packaging must be able to withstand the weight of the product but at the same time be eye-catching in the store. Therefore, a combination of good materials and decorative effects such as embossing and foil is an effective way to attract consumers to buy your product. 

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