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FrontPac is Scandinavia’s leading manufacturer of packaging in offset printed corrugated cardboard. We are a complete packaging manufacturer, from paper on roll through our own conversion to finished packaging. We are located in Arlöv just outside Malmö and with the recent acquisition of Antpac we are currently about 150 employees and have a turnover of around SEK 300 million.

With almost 40 years of expertise, we offer our customers a unique expertise in offset printed packaging and cardboard displays. Our solutions are created by professional staff who have worked for many years to develop cost-effective solutions based on the needs of our customers. The whole process happens in-house; from our creative and responsive salespeople and designers, through our fast but accurate production staff, to our flexible logistics that make sure your products end up right where they are supposed to.

We have many different types of customers; from small business owners to several well-known brands in, for example, wine and vodka, the car industry, cosmetics and toys. We deliver packaging to 22 countries where 47% of deliveries are made to countries other than Sweden. It is our customers that make us develop and constantly improve on what we do thanks to the high demands placed on us. 

FrontPac’s history

  • In 1982 the company was founded and was called SydPac. We existed in both Sweden and Denmark.
  • In 1997, the company was acquired by our current owner, Esswell, which is a family-owned company.
  • In 2000 FrontPac became the leading manufacturer in Scandinavia.
  • In 2003 we got our own production of corrugated cardboard.
  • In 2006, we started a factory in China.
  • In 2010, all operations were moved to Arlöv when a new board and management came into the company.
  • Between 2010 and 2015, a comprehensive investment program was made which included a new printing press, a new CTP, a new punch and also an in-line / cashing machine.
  • 2017 Acquisition of Gefle cardboard and display.
  • 2019 Acquisition of Antpac.

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FrontPac is engaged in an orphanage in Uganda, which is run by, among others, Emma Kock, a woman from the municipality of Burlöv with a big heart. On their website you can read more about Emma’s work and the children’s everyday lives.

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