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FrontTego protective shields

The visors are manufactured in-house by us in Arlöv. The proximity to you as a customer in combination with a large capacity means that we can produce a larger volume and deliver this quickly even in high demand. This in combination with the cost-effective material choices gives you an affordable product. The visor is a disposable item that is discarded immediately after use.

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The protective visor has an ergonomic design and prevents the spread of drop infection.

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Meets safety requirement MET5659 Edition 1, exkluding the requirement for clarity and mechanical durability.

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Good for both people and the environment as the paper used in the protective visor is FSC-certified

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Safety is our highest priority and the protective visor is approved by the Swedish Work Environment Authority.

The protective visor is intended to protect against splashes, particles and prevent the spread of infection. The visor ensures that the user cannot reach the eyes or nose with his hands. The visor is multifunctional and suitable for different purposes. It can be used, for example, in situations where the user is in contact with a patient’s exhaled air, sneezing or coughing to reduce the risk of drop infection. 

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