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Solid cardboard

Förpackning solid kartong
Förpackning solid kartong

Packaging in solid cardboard

Solid cardboard is well suited for the slightly smaller packages. We manufacture boxes in all models in many different material qualities depending on your requirements. The print is offset in 4-color printing. For smaller editions, screen printing or digital printing is also possible.

We help you

Our design department provides their advice on models and materials to suit the specific product in all respects, such as rising, appearance and function. The packaging is then printed in offset.

Our production takes place exclusively in Sweden with Swedish raw materials.

Do you want to know more about packaging in solid cardboard?

Gefle Kartong & Display

The company is a complete supplier of packaging, display materials and packaging in corrugated and solid cardboard. Our products are of a high quality and we create customized solutions regarding design, function and logistics.


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