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Corrugated packaging

Packaging material

We manufacture our own corrugated paper, which gives us full control over the composition of the material. All layers in the corrugated paper consist of Swedish raw material for high quality and a small environmental impact. This means that we can quickly switch to special qualities if desired.

Corrugated packaging

Corrugated packaging is suitable for products that place high demands on the packaging's stacking strength and durability, but should also be used as messengers of marketing and important information. This is achieved by printing in Offset in one of our printing presses.

Transport packaging

We offer both standard and special models of corrugated packaging that protect your products during transport. The packaging is available in thicknesses up to 7 mm, with or without print. Together we develop a solution that suits your needs.

We have worked with packaging for several decades and with the help of our extensive knowledge we can help you increase your sales.

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Gefle Kartong & Display

The company is a complete supplier of packaging, display materials and packaging in corrugated and solid cardboard. Our products are of a high quality and we create customized solutions regarding design, function and logistics.


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