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We create your packaging in-house

Packaging design is our passion and our goal is to work with you to create a packaging that sells. In close cooperation with our customers, we develop unique packaging solutions in-house that match both the product’s needs and the customer’s wishes. 

Vi tar tillsammans med dig fram en unik förpackning och hjälper dig med valet av rätt material. Eftersom det finns många olika kvalitéer och tjocklekar utgår vi från vad din produkt kräver. Baserat på det material du väljer tar vår förpackningskonstruktör fram lämpliga förslag på förpackningslösningar som skyddar din produkt. I vårt offsettryckverk trycker vi i upp till sex färger med möjlighet att få fina effekter med hjälp av effektlack som kan vara matt, blankt eller knottrigt. 

In addition to this, we also offer options like embossing, foiling and many other effects. Adding details is an effective way to make your packaging stand out among other packages. extrafunktioner. Att addera detaljer är ett effektivt sätt att få din förpackning att stå ut ur mängden.

Slutligen har du som kund hos oss på FrontPac tillgång till vår logistikservice med lagerhållning.

From idea to finished packaging

Packaging design

Our packaging designers work in close collaboration with you to develop a packaging solution based on several parameters like the product and the brand’s identity. Some important factors are visual impression, feel when opening, protection of the product, and logistics. 

Do you have an existing packaging that you think needs improvement? We help you supplement and develop it to make it even more sustainable, selling and smart.


In the packaging industry there is a standard called FEFCO which we often work with. This standard simplifies communication between you and us, and can form the basis for the design work. What needs to be state is the model type and size of the box (L × W × H).

FEFCO International Fibreboard Casecode, contains all FEFCO box designs with code numbers.


Our packaging is made of corrugated cardboard or cardboard. Common to both types of materials is that we have many different variations of these with different properties to meet your specific requirements. Examples of how these differ are the strength, thickness, surface feel, printability, whiteness and price of the material.

We offer corrugated packaging made of the following thicknesses:

  • C-flute: 4mm

    B-flute: 2,8mm

    E-flute: 1,6mm

    F-flute: 1,2mm

Vi erbjuder dessutom metalliska material som ovanpå wellpappen eller kartongen ger intressanta visuella effekter. Du kan läsa mer under effekter och tillval. 

Paper is a very environmentally friendly packaging material and our packaging can easily be recycled in existing recycling systems.


We focus our business on offset printed cardboard or corrugated cardboard. This technology provides the same high print quality as magazines with a finish that can be handled in all stages up to the end user. Different effects can be used to give your packaging extra luster and a durable surface.

In our printing press we have six paints which we can print with during the same run-through. For example, you can have CMYK + two PMS colors. The extra printing plants can be used, among other things, to further lift your print through interesting effect lacquer that can give extra luster and a durable surface. We can use either water-based inks with water lacquer or UV-based inks with UV lacquer, depending on the type of product.

Tryckpressen trycker i arkformaten 920×600 mm – 1620×1200 mm. 

Logistic service

Logistik är en viktig del i produktionskedjan vilket vi självklart hjälper dig med om så behövs. Som kund hos oss har du tillgång till vår logistikservice med lagerhållning och därmed möjlighet till täta avrop för just-in-time leveranser. Du utnyttjar då volymfördelarna du får när du producerar stora upplagor.

We know that it is important for you as a customer to have your packaging delivered on time. Based on your needs, we do our very best to adapt our production to meet your requirements. 

Do you want to know more about our production?

Do not hesitate to contact us!
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