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Gift packaging

A gift box represents not only your company and brand but also the giver. This places high demands on the packaging. It is important that the packaging is attractive and has that little extra that makes it special. Who will not be happy about getting something you think is neat or cool? Together we create a customer-friendly packaging that will meet your high requirements. With the right material, an interesting design and a décor with eye-catching effects such as foil and embossing, your packaging will stand out among the other products.

You probably already have an idea that we can help you implement. Our goal is to find the best solution for you. We have the imagination, the knowledge and above all the opportunity to make your dream packaging a reality.

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Together with you, we can create a unique package that represents your company.

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We have both a packaging designer and a packaging constructer who can make your idea a reality.

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We create packaging in all possible forms, which gives you a unique opportunity to think outside the box.

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Choose different effects for your gift packaging such as foiling and embossing.

When you are going to produce a gift box, you have a great opportunity to think outside the box. Our designers can work with you to produce a package in almost any shape that can then create a common thread with the content. If you combine this with, for example, a metallic decor or a special varnish, success is a fact. 

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