Packaging provides an excellent exposure area where you can convey exactly what you want with the help of the decor. With an attractive package, you can more easily sell your product to customers in a convenient way. It is about actively and consciously communicating the value of the product and creating a relationship with the customer. If you succeed in this, we dare to promise that your sales will increase.

Competition is getting tougher and in the jungle of all products, your product benefits from a package that stands out and captures the buyer’s interest. Since a large part of our purchasing decisions are based on the packaging of the goods, companies must spend time on the packaging. Do you agree that you are more likely to put a nice package in the basket than a bland one? We do not see your packaging as merely a transport packaging, but it is also a seller and brand carrier – and a very important one. Based on your circumstances and wishes, we together make your product stand out so that your packaging has a chance among the competition.

With the latest technology, sharpest effects, special paper qualities and the best logistics, we make this possible. As a result, some of our customers have been able to show a 25% increase in sales after we have developed the right packaging solution. Contact us and we will tell you more.


Attractive packaging sells more and it is important that your food or drink stands out among the other items on the shelf. Your packaging should inform the costumer about your product and present your companies values. It should also help protect your product so it arrives in perfect condition. Beverage and food is a product that places high demands on both packaging and logistics. The packaging should be able to protect the product during transport, be able to support the weight of the product and should be easy to move and open. Beverage is a product that places high demands on the strength of the packaging as this type of product can weigh a lot. In addition to taking into account factors such as material selection and logistics solutions, we produce your food packaging according to the EU requirements for GMP – Good Manufacturing Practice.

Bag-in-box is a popular packaging in the beverage range, mainly for wine but can also be used for other types of beverage. It is important that your product can stand out among all other boxes by attracting an interest from the consumer. This is achieved  by communicating taste, quality and all your other brand values ​​in the store shelf in an aesthetically pleasing and targeted way. You probably already have some really good ideas about how you want your Bag-in-Box to look and we will be happy to help you implement these.

Since some of our biggest customers come from the wine industry, we have all the knowledge and equipment needed to develop this type of packaging. Depending on the volume you need, we can manufacture your box in several different sizes. In combination with our high quality offset printing we can use different eye-catching effects and techniques. Various examples of this are special materials, partly glittering lacquer, foil or embossing which helps your packaging sell the product o the consumer.

E-commerce sales requires you to pack your products in a certain way. In addition to having your packaging convey your brand, it must also ensure quality and appearance when it is delivered to a store or a customer. By keeping up with the development and being responsive to the demands of the consumers, we know how to design a package adapted to today’s e-commerce.

Several of our customers are facing the challenge of increasing online sales. This means that, in addition to building a brand, the packaging must be practical, easy to open and easy to return. This makes constructing a e-commerce packaging challenging. 

We at FrontPac have several e-commerce customers and have a full understanding of these challenges. In addition to the focus on quality and durability, we attach great importance to the fact that the product is still stylish and whole when it arrives to the store shelf or in the hands of your customer.

Products in the industry are often heavy and hard which places high demands on the packaging. For these types of products a packaging is needed that can support the weight of the product while protecting the product. Without the right material and knowledge, products such as a greased ball-bearing can present difficulties in packaging. If, for example, barrier layers are needed on the inside of the package, such as PE plastic or wax to increase the resistance to moisture or oil, we have packaging solutions for this.

For industrial products, logistics is very important. As a customer of FrontPac, you can take advantage of the volume advantages you get when you produce large order. At the same time, you have access to our logistics service with warehousing and the possibility of frequent calls for just-in-time deliveries. We have the knowledge needed to minimize unnecessary waste in your logistics chain. We are also certified according to ISO9001 and ISO14001.

The consumer product is shown with many other products in the store. The packaging that your product is stored in becomes its protector and brand carrier, but often also its only seller. Make sure this seller says what you want it to say.

Consumer products, like all other products, requires a package that is customized for its purpose and should guide the consumer to purchase decisions. As this decision is made in just a few seconds, it is important that the product and packaging interact to communicate your message. At the same time, it should be perceived as something special for the customer, something out of the ordinary.

With the help of our packaging designers, we do our utmost to produce an inventive and informative package that is specific to your product and your target group. Creating added value for your product is important, and with the right packaging, this is not impossible. We offer a customized solution to achieve this goal for you.

A gift box represents not only your company and brand but also the giver. This places high demands on the packaging. It is important that the packaging is attractive and has that little extra that makes it special. Who will not be happy about getting something you think is neat or cool? Together we create a customer-friendly packaging that will meet your high requirements. With the right material, an interesting design and a décor with eye-catching effects such as foil and embossing, your packaging will stand out among the other products.

You probably already have an idea that we can help you implement. Our goal is to find the best solution for you. We have the imagination, the knowledge and above all the opportunity to make your dream packaging a reality.


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