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Gefle kartong & display

The company is a complete supplier of packaging, display material and packaging in corrugated cardboard and solid cardboard. Our products are of high quality and we tailor customized solutions regarding design, function and logistics.

Gefle Kartong offers you packaging for a safe transport of your products, functional packaging with or without printing, product stands for store exposure such as signs, shelves and figures. From us you can get both packaging and displays. We also offer raising, packing and distribution of all products.

Gefle Kartong makes your ideas come true and helps you develop exactly what you want, from standard model to whatever you want. 


Packaging Coordinator

Linda Folcke
Direct: +46 26-12 54 11
Mobile: +46 70-631 13 88


Gefle Kartong


Gefle Kartong & Display AB
Box 415
SE 801 05 Gävle


Phone: +46 26-12 54 00

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