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About us

Our history

Gefle Kartong was founded in 1907 in Gävle. At that time, we manufactured packaging in solid cardboard for the regional industry. Today, we deliver packaging in corrugated cardboard and solid cardboard, display materials and packaging to Europe. Just like in the beginning, solutions tailor in terms of design, function and logistics. Since 2018, we are a subsidiary of FrontPac.

Our services

Our design department develops packaging solutions based on your specific requirements of function and appearance. We also have our own prepress department with CTP, which can help you with simpler originals. In addition, we offer tailored logistics solutions such as warehousing of whole and / or semi-finished products to meet your requirements for fast deliveries at the lowest possible cost.

Gefle Kartong is always available when our customers need us.

Do you want to know more about us? 

Gefle Kartong & Display

The company is a complete supplier of packaging, display materials and packaging in corrugated and solid cardboard. Our products are of a high quality and we create customized solutions regarding design, function and logistics.


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